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Shilson House

Johnny Ward
Johnny Ward; link to his biography.
The original Shilson house was built by Johnny Ward, a freight wagon driver, in 1863.

Present day Shilson House
Shilson House as it appears today.
Shilson house, also known as Johnny Ward house, was the first home built by Johnny Ward in 1863. It was built on Lot 11, Block 17 at the corner of Douglas and Albert streets. The original house may have burned down in the 1880s fire which consumed the whole block, but if it did he then rebuilt.

Drawings show this home from all sides, inside and out.

The house that exists today was the subject of Architectural drawings done by the UBC School of Architecture. They include interior and exterior views and details.

West and North Elevations Shilson House Drawings
Click to see the drawings.

In the former home of Andrew Onderdonk a school was started. Meet the sisters that ran All Hallow's School.

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