Panning for Gold

Faces of the Gold Rush

What's the meaning?

You be the Judge...

Thompson River First Nations

Become part of history...

Many exciting areas can be explored to better understand the British Columbia Gold Rush era. Try these activities to feel part of the Fraser River Gold Rush at Yale!

Panning for Gold shows you how you can try panning for your own fortune! Take a look!

Faces of the Gold Rush is a guessing game that needs at least two people to play (adults allowed!)

What's the meaning? Can you figure out what these gold rush words mean? Try it on your own or challenge others.

You be the Judge... Figure out the 'true' story of the 'Ned McGowan War' from original letters!

Thompson River First Nations; a collection of rock paintings, artifacts, and stories about the Thompson River First Nations who lived and still live in the Yale area.