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Peter O'Reilly (1828-1905)
C-03910 -- Petter O'Rielly
BC Archives: C-03910


Peter O'Reilly was born in England of English and Irish parents. He was educated at Trinity College, in Dublin. Peter O'Reilly emigrated to Canada in 1859 at the age of 31, after serving many years in the Royal Irish Constabulary. It was at this point that Peter was given his first appointment from Governor James Douglas.
C-03911 -- Peter O'Reilly
BC Archives: C-03911

From April to September in 1859 Peter O'Reilly was the Justice of Peace and Stipendary Magistrate for Langley, British Columbia; as well, he held the posts of Gold Commissioner, Collector of Revenue, Assistant Commissioner of Lands, Indian Agent, and Coroner. From 1859 to 1862, he held the position of Justice of Peace and Stipendary Magistrate for Hope and Yale. From 1859 to 1866, he was the High Sheriff for Mainland Colony of British Columbia.

From 1860 to 1862, Peter was the Assistant Gold Commissioner for Similkameen and Rock Creek. From 1862 to 1865, he was Chief Gold Commissioner and Stipendary Magistrate for Cariboo. In 1864 to 1871, he served on the British Columbia Legislative Council as Magisterial Appointee.

In 1865, he was the Stipendary Magistrate for Kootenay on the south boundary. In 1867 to 1870, he was a County court Judge to Yale district, Similkameen, and Kootenay. In 1871, he was Stipendary Magistrate to the northern gold mines of Omineca. Then in1872 to 1881, he served as a county court judge at Yale district and New Westminster.

Finally in 1881, Peter O'Reilly retired as a judge.

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