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Thompson River First Nations

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The Gold Rush era on the Fraser River was a time and place over 130 years ago! The Dominion of Canada wasn't even a formed yet (later known as Canada). Times were different, and GOLD fever was on.

Listening in on a normal conversation between two prospectors in those days may have been difficult. To help you understand any strange words you may find in this site try the following word challenge.


Use the words and definitions to create:

(a)  gold rush theme crossword puzzle with clues from the definitions.
(b)  a gold rush theme searchword
(c)  a mix and match of the words and terms
(d)  write a gold miner story using as many of the words in context as possible
(e)  make up your own activity!! 

Now that you have figured out what you would like to do, you need the words! Choose whether you are a beginner gold miner or a well versed ol' timer of the gold rush era. Once you have made your decision, click on the button below which describes your level best. It will take you to the list of words and their definitions. Print two copies of the list of words. Keep one copy as your master copy (untouched and unharmed for reference) and use the other to create a, b, c, d, or e as described above!

Small Gold Nugget Large Gold Nugget
Beginner Gold Prospector Professional Gold Prospector

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