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Gold Panning Excursion

Yale Citizens in the Gold Rush Era

Gold Miner's Glossaries

You be the Judge...

Thompson River First Nations

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Teachers, Home-Schoolers, and Parents...

The following activities are geared to compliment the new British Columbia Curriculum(BC Ministry of Education website) for Grades 5 and 10. Activities may be adapted and copied for educational purposes only. Any other requests, please check with the Web Curator prior to use.

The activities listed below (same as what is in the left margin) are directed towards use by instructors. Each activity listed below includes:

  • Prescribed Learning Outcomes from the new Ministry of Education Integrated Resource Packages (IRP's)
  • Lesson plan ideas and possible strategies directly from the IRP's
  • Cross-curriculum oriented activities!

Instructor Oriented Activities (click on your choice below):
  • Panning for Gold Includes the "how-to" of gold panning along with a teacher facilitated gold panning field trip.
  • Faces of the Gold Rush Get to know the people of the Yale through this highly educational game. (Your choice to have it student or teacher driven!)
  • What's the meaning? Off-line challenge of words and definitions of the Gold Rush era.
  • You be the Judge... A look at the famous "Ned McGowan War" through many points of view. A study of biases through various primary and secondary sources using jigsaw learning.
  • Thompson River First Nations A collection of the Thompson River First Nation culture from archival sources. Challenge your students to create similar stories, art work, and artifacts from the basics provided.

Other Related Websites...

  • Canadian Heritage Fair Project Everything you need to implement this incredible project with your own students. (NOTE: Once at the site's homepage, click on 'Staff' and enter your personal data to receive access to the 'how to' documents free of charge.)